Balancing Data and Humanity: The Path to Impactful Learning Technologies

Join Dasha as she guides you through the powerful potential of combining AI with human-centered practices in L&D and HR. Her keynote speech, “Balancing Data and Humanity” will explore how integrating technology and empathetic approaches can make a positive impact on training and development strategies.  

What to expect:

1. Introduction 

  • Current state of AI and learning evaluation 
  • Why this is important for L&D/HR leaders now

2. The Power of Data 

  • Current technological landscape in L&D/HR
  • The 50-year journey from Kirkpatrick’s levels to AI-enabled
  • The potential of how data can radically reshape learning and performance 

3. Humanizing Learning: Beyond Data 

  • Beyond the metrics: considering the human aspects that are not easily quantifiable
  • Emotional intelligence in learning
  • Creating a supportive culture 

4. The Journey of Learning: Embracing Early Failures 

  • The Importance of embracing failure as a beginner learner
  • Emotional impact and support systems
  • Embracing ‘our’ failure as L&D and HR professionals

5. Integrating Humanity with Data-Driven Approaches 

  • Benefits of a balanced approach
  • Ethics

6. Conclusion 

  • Why the time to act is now.


Dasha Kosse is a transformational leadership coach and an experienced global leader in the learning and development space. As a coach, Dasha gives professionals the tools they need to become model leaders who lead intentionally and from the heart. 

With a deep-rooted passion for leadership development and transformation, she has mastered nurturing potential into performance.

She is the visionary author behind the transformative DAKO framework – Dream, Action, Knowledge, Outcome – a unique methodology designed to inspire action and drive success.

At Sirva, she leads an international Team of trainers and instructional designers in EMEA and APAC regions, responsible for a wide range of L&D activities.

At the heart of Dasha’s philosophy is a commitment to developing leadership qualities that resonate on both a professional and personal level. Her ultimate mission is to help people become the best version of themselves with the help of training and coaching.

Daryna (Dasha) Kosse
Daryna (Dasha) KosseGlobal L&D Manager and Transformational Leadership Coach