Translating Values and Purpose into Experiences

Over the years there has been particular focus and emphasis on articulating what an organisation stands for – better known as values and purpose.  More importantly how often do new employees realise that external image sets expectations, which then don’t translate into reality once engaged?

Even more arduous, then, is the process of integrating organisational values and purpose as a representation of how organisations operate with different stakeholders.

But there is an aspect of this process that is often unclear, or in many cases, unchartered.  This speech will address some important aspects of translating values and purpose into real-life experiences for employees by using the concept of journey design.

A vital aspect of this employee experience is navigating the emotional roller-coaster that accompanies new hires, for example.  So, crafting an employee journey depicts a visual map of experiences and associated emotions for our employees.

If we had to create a parallel with Customer Experience – we know that the quality of all the touchpoints is what creates the experience.  During this session, the following questions will be addressed.

What are the touchpoints in employee experience and how do these reflect organisational values and purpose?

What are the emotions associated with the different touchpoints of this journey?

What are the high-risk and high-impact touchpoints and emotions of this journey and how can we mitigate the disillusion that comes from misaligned experiences?

During this session, the speaker will provide practical tips on creating tangible experiences and who is responsible and accountable for ensuring an experience that reflects organisational ethos.

Finally, practical examples and tips will be given about journey design as a way of bridging the gap between abstract company purpose and values, and tangible experiences.


Greta Rapinett ‘s professional story spans over 20+ years of experience in marketing, finance, and commercial customer-facing roles in the Airline, Telecoms, and Consulting industries. But really, she loves people – and this is where she draws her energy from.

Being a trainer allows her to activate the right skills to increase employee confidence and drive customer engagement and loyalty.  Thanks to her industry and management experience, she can support teams to achieve what they need to bond, perform, and serve their clients better.  In the process, she also grows and learns.

Because sometimes academics matter, she is an MBA graduate from the University of Leicester and a certified CX professional.

Championing self-care is not enough, so she practices this by travelling, working out, and cuddling her cat.

Greta Rapinett
Greta RapinettBusiness Trainer