Shireburn’s Indigo is an award-winning cloud-based people management platform for payroll, HR, leave, attendance management, and more. Indigo was built on more than 35 years of experience of working alongside HR and payroll teams just like yours, to simplify your daily processes. Since its launch, Indigo has become Malta’s payroll software provider of choice, with over 110,000 employee licenses across more than 5,500 companies using Indigo to process their payroll.

Shireburn Indigo simplifies your work, automates as many processes as possible, and provides you with a toolset to better manage your entire workflow. It is conveniently accessible from anywhere, hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, and utilises the latest web technologies, guaranteeing practicality and ease of use.

Employees are able to self-manage parts of the payroll and leave management process through the use of a unique employee portal that empowers staff to apply for leave and view their own payslips and FS3s. This relieves HR from much administrative duties and lowers IT touch costs.

Last April, we also launched Indigo Attendance Essentials – a new plan with the essential features needed to help businesses with their time and attendance management functions. We’ll help your business get started on managing employee working hours without the hassle of setting a schedule or shift rota, enabling you to keep track of employee hours in an easy, accurate and efficient way.