For over 40 years, Shireburn has been teaming up with business from every corner of the industry, crafting high-quality software solutions. Their passion lies in using cutting-edge technology to tackle business challenges. The company is armed with software know-how and many years of tackling all sorts of operational puzzles.

Shireburn’s journey stretches far and wide; They have whipped up specialised solutions for everything from HR, Payroll, and Attendance Management, to Accounting, Inventory Management, and POS software. Their Indigo Suite is the go-to for people management and is trusted by over 7,700 local companies, handling close to 150,000 employee licences. That’s over €300 million in net salary payments going through the system each month.

Shireburn’s main focus is to give its clients a remarkable customer experience. Their support team prides itself in, not being just problem solvers, but also problem preventers. Their ethos is all about being there for their clients, offering advice and assistance whenever they need it. Customer feedback helps Shireburn fine-tune and continuously enhance its product base. We invite you to learn more about Shireburn, its vision for HR, and how they can contribute products and ideas that will help you run your business seamlessly.