With extensive recruitment experience spanning decades, VC (VacancyCentre) is a well-established recruitment company in Malta operated by CSB Group, catering to the talent needs of a diverse range of industries that demand specialised and technical expertise in the disciplines of Finance, Compliance, Technology, and Operations.

VC understands that recruitment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why their team of experienced recruiters takes a tailored and personalised approach to ensure that each candidate is matched with the right job opportunity based on their unique skills, experience, and career aspirations. VC works closely with both clients and candidates to gain a deep understanding of their needs and preferences and this collaborative approach is what enables them to deliver a successful outcome for all parties involved.

VC offers a range of services to make the permanent recruitment process timely, effective, and successful for both clients and candidates. These services include Contingency (Standard) Recruitment, Exclusivity Recruitment, and Leadership & Executive Search and Selection. The Contingency (Standard) Recruitment plan is a popular option, as there are no obligations until the agency successfully places the candidate in the position. Exclusivity Recruitment involves an agreement that the role is exclusively available to VC and their designated recruiter, ensuring that they can identify and attract the most fitting candidate for the role. The company and the recruiter collaborate to find the right candidate for the position during the exclusive period. Leadership & Executive Search and Selection is a service that sources and recruits senior-level candidates for key positions within a company, using VC’s extensive network and experience to find the perfect match. With a personalised approach and a variety of recruitment services, VC is committed to helping organisations achieve their recruitment goals.

VC’s success is built on its reputation for professionalism, quality service, and a deep understanding of the job market. With an extensive database of candidates and connections, VC is well-positioned to provide quality recruitment services that meet the needs of both employers and job seekers.