Employer branding and selection with Emotional Intelligence.

Organizations that want to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution and meet post-pandemic challenges, need to attract the best people, people with advanced emotional intelligence. And emotionally intelligent people are attracted to emotionally intelligent organizations that care for their employees. Building this kind of reputation is at the core of employer branding.

Recently in fact, it has become clear that evaluating candidates solely on their knowledge, skills, and experience is not enough to guarantee a successful fit. That is the reason why more and more companies are beginning to introduce also Emotional Intelligence tools alongside other assessments in their recruitment process.

This workshop focuses on a new Emotional Intelligence assessment that can help your organization attract and select the best employees to create a great place to work. This workshop presents the rationale of this approach and introduces the GENOS Emotional Intelligence Selection Model®.

Maria-Caterina Capurro is an Executive & Team Coach, Trainer, Training Designer, and Author.

Her background is in Psychology and International Relations. She is a Licenced NLPTM Coach, Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach, Certified Clean Coach, and GENOS Master trainer and assessor.

She is a Member of the Association for Coaching.

Her main training specialties are: Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience applied to leadership, Motivation, Engagement, Self-management, Resilience, Leadership skills, Leading teams with EI, Effective communication, Coaching for leaders.

She has a true passion for people development. Her mission is to help leaders create more engaged and performing teams by means of an integrated set of practical tools and the latest research findings to use in their leadership of people.

Maria-Caterina Capurro
Maria-Caterina Capurro