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Johan Driessens
Johan DriessensCEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) and serial HR entrepreneur at tHRibe World.


If you are looking for a plain lecture, book a grey-haired professor, we advice you not to come in the first 30 minutes of our event. If you’re looking for an activating, motivating experience, Johan Driessens (B) is your man. He is the global emerging employer branding leader of 2018. The Best Employer Branding Agency of Belgium award winner 2021 and is always at the forefront of the industry. His unconventional but highly effective approach has helped hundreds of businesses set up and refine employer brands all over the world into unbelievable experiences. He is frequently booked for events in many different countries because he is a guarantee for high energy during your event. He is the CEO, Chief Enthusiasm Officer and founder of tHRibe World, a unique eco system of hr companies that are different. Because he believes; “different is better than better”.

Johan has more than a decade of experience in Employer branding and is the author of the book “how to live a more enthusiastic life in 5 days”. He is a father of 2 beautiful boys and is a fervent supporter of his local football club.

His alter ego is Superman, and a quick Google search might help you discover why!