Closing the Performance Gap – The Relevance of TNAs

This workshop will explore innovative strategies to identify and address training gaps effectively. In just 40 minutes, participants will gain insights on Training Needs Analysis, what they are used for and how to conduct one. Participants will learn practical approaches and leave equipped with a unique tool to enhance their organisation’s learning and development initiatives to identify skills gaps. It will provide an opportunity to revolutionise approaches to employee training and development as a talent management strategy, and drive organisational success.


Ilaria Spiteri Axiak is a Senior Advisor in the Training and Development unit at Misco. Her role includes identifying skills gaps in the market and conducting training programmes on various topics related to soft skills. She is a doctoral candidate reading a PhD and her focus is to study the competitive behaviour in organisations relating to training.

Ilaria Spiteri Axiak,
Ilaria Spiteri Axiak,Senior Advisor: Training and Development - Misco Consulting Ltd