Elevating Employee Experience through Technology

Working in HR has been a roller coaster these past few years. We are steering through multiple challenges, including candidate shortages, increased workload and learning to manage a hybrid workforce. How is technology impacting HR? How can we use technology, AI and HR softwares to better HR output and elevate the employee experience especially in a world which is shifting to remote work?

Sit with me to discuss how we can better utilise technology to our advantage.


Shirley Borg is the Head of Human Resources at EnergyCasino with 6 years of experience implementing HR policies and procedures. Her main areas of specialisation include HR management, communication skills, and a deep understanding of workforce trends and best practices.

With the use of out-of-the-box thinking, being an effective problem solver, and the use of down-to-earth leadership skills, Shirley Borg has been able to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics within the workplace in a constant effort to set up a welcoming and open environment for all employees.

Shirley Borg
Shirley BorgHead of HR - EnergyCasino