Evolve With a Learning Culture: How to increase engagement and reduce turnover with a learning culture (even in remote teams)

Objective: In this workshop, we will tackle the employee crisis and explore how HR and L&D teams can boost engagement and reduce turnover with a strong learning culture. The participants will get hands-on strategies and actionable tips they can use, to build a thriving learning culture, even in remote teams.

The Employee Crisis (5 min)
We will start the workshop by exploring the impact of low engagement and high turnover on businesses across industries. We will analyze relevant research findings and discuss how the shift towards remote working has made it harder for HR and L&D teams to keep engagement high and turnover low.

Learning and Development is the Solution (5 min)
In this part of the workshop, we’ll dive into a wealth of evidence showing how Learning and Development can significantly boost employee engagement and decrease turnover rates. We’ll also discuss why, despite these benefits, some companies hesitate to fully commit to L&D initiatives due to the challenges in execution and concerns over investment returns.
I’ll argue that establishing a strong learning culture is a strategic move to enhance the effectiveness of L&D efforts and ensure that any investment in L&D delivers maximum value. This approach not only addresses the immediate challenges but also lays the groundwork for sustained organizational growth and employee satisfaction.

What is a Learning Culture? (10 min)
In this section, we will define what is a learning culture by exploring the 4 dimensions of a learning culture:
Leadership Involvement
Learning Mindset
Learning Community
Learning Process

How to Build a Learning Culture (15 min)
In this section, we will explore practical strategies the participants can apply in their organisation.

In this workshop, the speaker will cover 4 essential processes every organization should have to build a learning culture:
Master the Onboarding – How to create an amazing first impression for your new hires by turning their onboarding plan into a 90-day learning journey
Design Personalized Growth Plans – How to Identify strengths and skill-gaps across the organization and build custom career paths for your employees
Build a no-cost learning calendar – What are the essential workshops you should have in your calendar to keep a pulse on engagement in real-time and make learning an integral part of your culture
Promote your Learning Culture – How to promote your learning culture internally, gain leadership support, and improve your employee value proposition by highlighting your learning culture in the right way.

Q&A (5 min)


Nik V. (Nikola Velickovic) is a Learning Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the L&D industry. He has designed learning solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, Adobe, and the World Bank.

As the Founder of Skills for Scale, Nik helps HR and Business Leaders develop a High-Performance Learning Culture where productivity and wellbeing are equally promoted. He believes you can build a High-Performing team without burning out your people, and he is on a mission to enable 1000 organizations to do just that. 

Nikola Velickovic
Nikola VelickovicLearning Consultant- AIHR & Founder, Skills for Scale