From Buzzwords to Outcomes: Getting Real about Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging have become buzzwords that appear with almost no exception in the Careers page of every company. But how do we make the leap from fluffy statements to real action? This workshop will focus on how to move beyond buzzwords and turn talk into actionable steps towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all.


Maria Loumpourdi leads a multi-faceted function of Learning and Development, Performance Management, and Diversity and Inclusion at Betsson Group, an award-winning employer and industry leader. She is responsible for the design and execution of talent development and management strategies across the Group’s organisational levels and 14 global locations. Throughout her career, she has led large L&D functions in various industries, including iGaming, Banking, and Manufacturing. Maria is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow with a specialisation in leadership development, and has published numerous research papers in internationally renowned journals. She is a certified Coach and Coaching Supervisor, and a member of the EMCC.

Maria Loumpourdi
Maria LoumpourdiGlobal Head of Talent Development - Betsson Group