Human Experience at the Workplace: your best strategy to boost employee engagement

This workshop will address the below:

  1. The shift from employee experience to human experience

Human experience (as opposed to just ’employee experience’) gives precedence to personal connection, meaning, goals, and purpose of an organization — both in a personal and professional degree. An organization that delivers the best human experience at work allows employees to produce better work. It contributes to their growth as a whole. Establishing an authentic and genuine human experience at work nearly guarantees the success of the organization in the long run.

  1. Creating a culture of belonging

Belonging means being recognized for accomplishments, having opportunities to express opinions freely, feeling that your contributions matter, and feeling that your colleagues and workplace care about you as a person. In a workplace that fosters a culture of belonging, employees benefit by feeling less isolated and enjoying a better workplace experience and enhanced well-being. Businesses benefit from improved employee job performance and productivity, a happier workforce, and increased profitability.

  1. Building psychological safety: the crux of high-performing teams and an engaged workforce.

Where employees feel comfortable and safe to speak up, fail without fear of judgement, learn from mistakes. Surveys indicate that only a small percentage of leaders are skilled in communicating & demonstrating behaviours that instill psychological safety in the workplace.

  1. Treat your employees as customers: your best engagement strategy

Employees choose to work for your mission, leaders, and products. Every day, they choose your brand. With ongoing labor shortages and increased demand for talent, companies have to get more creative to attract and retain workers. Shouldn’t leaders listen and respond to employees the same way they do to clients?

  1. On a lighter note: The positive role of humour in the workplace 

Less perfection from leaders and more human connection. Recent research showed that employee humour is associated with enhanced coping effectiveness, decreased burnout and stress.


Olivia Bilocca has considerable experience in Human Resources Operations and Strategy across various business sectors. With a strong passion for continuous learning, she is committed to supporting businesses in improving their efficiency, employee engagement, and overall performance.

Her HR career has spanned diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and finance. Olivia has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges that businesses face in different sectors. She has honed their skills in designing and implementing effective HR strategies, policies, and programs that align with business objectives and enhance organizational performance. In addition to her knowledge of HR operations and strategy, Olivia has a keen interest in working with individuals through Life Coaching, supporting them to overcome their perceived limitations, work on their blind spots, and push through fear. She believes that improving self-awareness is the key to unlocking an individual’s potential and achieving personal and professional growth.

Olivia’s academic background spans Career Guidance and Counselling, Organisational Psychology, and a current focus on completing a Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy to become a Licensed Psychotherapist.

Drawing on their academic background, Olivia has developed a deep understanding of the complex interplay between individuals and their work environments. Through her work, she helps individuals to identify their strengths, interests, and values and provides guidance on creating habits and taking decisions that align with their life goals and aspirations.

Outside of work, Olivia is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, travelling, relaxing at the beach, and reading.

Olivia Bilocca
Olivia BiloccaHR Consultant | Life Coach | Business Trainer | Trainee Psychotherapist