Starting With Business Leaders – how the Executive team sets the example of the company about Employer Branding, Talent, and Performance.

This workshop is designed to get you thinking of the true value of a business Executive team, not only sponsoring,  but also setting an example of investing in talent, focussing on individual performance, and also promoting amazing employer branding.

Whilst HR normally facilitates a lot of the workaround performance management, investing in talent, and employer branding, there are business metrics that are directly impacted by aligning to these areas in a positive way.  So it should also be on the C-Level agenda.

Also with such a key alignment to the business performance, the example should be set from the top-down, to ensure buy-in, reality, and engagement.

  • Why Business Leaders Should Set An Example
  • How To Engage Business Leaders To Buy In
  • How Can Business Leaders Set The Right Example

Luke Todd is the CEO and CoFounder of MadeYou Limited. Luke has a strong background working for some of the world’s largest companies such as eBay and Aviva Insurance. His primary focus has been on Customer Experience and being responsible for centres of up to 1000 people. He also has a remarkable track record for low staff attrition and developing a powerful employee branding culture to attract new talent. Nowadays, Luke focuses on strategic development for a variety of clients – whether it’s in talent development, training, 360Feedback, or C-Level coaching. Luke has an approach to developing talent that engages on a different level, bringing about significant behavioural change to drive careers and business potential.

Luke Todd
Luke Todd