Strategic Succession Planning: Integrating Learning and Development for Organisational Resilience

Succession planning isn’t just about filling empty chairs. It’s about building a future-ready workforce that can thrive in the face of change. In this session, we’ll show you how to create a succession plan that’s aligned with your organisational goals and focused on developing the skills your key talent needs to succeed and for your organisation to be future-proofed. We’ll also share insights and strategies for building a robust talent pipeline and fostering a culture of continuous learning and resilience. Get ready to take your succession planning to the next level and build an organisation that’s ready for anything!


Aimee Vella Bonnici is a Senior Manager in Learning, Culture, and Talent Management, with over 15 years of experience in HR, Recruitment, Learning and Development, Employer Brand, and ESG. She has been working with KPMG, and Microsoft Business Solutions for the last 9 years, with a passion for enabling people to grow and develop their skills whilst creating a fun engaging culture for colleagues to have fulfilling careers. Aimee is an advocate for company cultures that promote learning, development, innovation, and sustainability. She embraces people-centric and ethical leadership practices in her day-to-day role as Lead, Talent & Learning Business Partner.

Aimee Vella Bonnici
Aimee Vella BonniciLead, Learning & Talent Business Partner at KPMG, Microsoft Business Solutions