The Benefits of an Effective Onboarding Journey

In this workshop, the speaker will take you on a journey from pre-boarding to onboarding and beyond. You will discuss and explore what the best onboarding practices are, and what employers need to be mindful of. We will discuss employer and candidate behaviours, and at which point of the journey, the two connect. Rachel will also discuss the importance of trust and emotional safety, and how this is key to the employee`s sense of belonging, which in turn improves retention.


Rachel Tabone Hall has been working at the Multiple Group as Head of Human Resources for almost 2 years. She has worked in the HR space for over 11 years. Throughout her HR career, Rachel has worked in very diverse Company Cultures and Industries such as Financial Services, iGaming, and Automotive. She did this with a purpose, as for her it was very important to explore these differences and take away the best practices within each entity. What she found was, that regardless of which company or industry employees worked at, they all sought the same things, such as to feel as sense of belonging, appreciation, and to be seen and heard. Her mission is to practice and guide others on how to achieve this within their company and improve employee retention. Rachel is 42 years old, married, and a mother to a 13-year-old daughter.

Rachel Tabone Hall,
Rachel Tabone Hall,Head of Human Resources - Multiple Group