The Influential HR Leader: Beyond a Seat at the Table

As a senior HR leader are you in the driver’s seat? Are you being persuasive enough to lead the transformation needed? Or are you a passenger on a journey being led by others?

Be warned: Courage is required!

The challenges of the past two years have elevated HR Leaders to the forefront of the business as they helped CEOs manage the present and lead their companies into the future.  Alongside unprecedented workforce challenges, came an unparalleled opportunity for HR professionals, to operate from a newly empowered position as they helped organisations navigate the newly brought on demands.

As we look forward to and progress towards a post-covid climate, how can HR Professionals ensure that they retain influence in the face of change?  In a rapidly changing business environment how can you as a leader ensure that you maximise your influence?

It is about pivoting the focus beyond the specific technicalities of the HR function and embrace a more influential communication approach.  In this workshop, Michelle Fenech Seguna will be offering pointers and sharing techniques for harnessing influential communication strategies.  We will explore the art and science of expressing confidence, to demonstrating credibility and speaking with courage.  It is about moving beyond mere presence towards becoming a more influential leader and communicator.

The most effective HR Leaders are thoughtful about their influence.  And one thing is for sure – there’s never been a better opportunity to make a difference from the HR hot seat!

Ms. Michelle Fenech Seguna is a qualified HR & Training Professional with 18+ years specialized work experience. As the Vice-President of FHRD, Michelle is involved in the strategic advancement of the HR Profession on a national level. She has proven expertise in talent & performance management, organisational development and employee engagement. Her experience in a Senior Leadership role in the luxury hospitality industry, with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide and then with Marriott International, has enabled her to gain valuable insights in Brand Building and Relationship Management. Her expertise is on building strong relationships and reaching success through effective influential communication.  Michelle is a columnist on the MaltaCeos where she regularly shares her contributions aimed at strengthening the communication skillset of business leaders.

Michelle combines her passion for people with business savviness.  She is the Founder and Director of Speak to Move.  As an Executive Communications Coach specialising in public speaking, Michelle loves empowering professionals in building self-assurance in their speaking and presentation ability.  Today, Michelle helps professionals at various levels, from rising stars to CEOs, across multiple industries, develop their own authentic speaking voice and deliver high-impact presentations.   Her mission is to enable business professionals across all industries to speak with confidence, clarity and conviction.

Michelle Fenech Seguna
Michelle Fenech Seguna