HR Masterclass – Trending Talent and Succession Insights

Conversation 1: Talent Sourcing

  • What is Talent Sourcing
  • Talent Sourcing vs Recruiting
  • Goals and Objectives of Talent Sourcing
  • Benefits of Talent Sourcing
  • Challenges of Talent Sourcing
  • Talent sourcing strategies and trends
  • The impact of big data and AI on talent sourcing

Conversation 2: Why talent is seeking a different work experience

  • Shifting expectations between employers and employees
  • The movement toward more holistic human-centered talent
  • experiences
  • The changing contract between talent and organisations
  • Talent Retention

Conversation 3: Designing intentional talent experiences

  • Overview of the design principles
  • Practical walk-through of the experience design methodology
  • Key questions to ask at each step of the design journey

Conversation 4: Applying the method in practice

  • Use Case 1: The Onboarding Experience
  • Use Case 2: The Succession Planning Experience

Conversation 5: Training

  • Retaining Talent through Training
  • Measuring ROI in Training


Francesca Buhagiar is Senior Manager at VC(VacancyCentre), which is operated by CSB Group. She is responsible for leading the strategic and operational process of the recruitment business operating under the brand. Francesca holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Through this course, Francesca nurtured an interest in Personnel Psychology.

Francesca holds over 6 years of experience in recruitment and has extensive experience in providing ongoing recruitment assistance to our diverse portfolio of clients across a diverse array of industries, ranging from banking, insurance, payments, gaming, trust and corporate services, funds, and investments. Francesca also holds in-house international recruitment experience having worked as a Talent Acquisition Partner for one of the leading B2B gaming operators recruiting for talent across various locations.

Francesca Buhagiar
Francesca BuhagiarSenior Manager - Vacancy Centre (CSB Group)
Dr Dieter Veldsman
Dr Dieter Veldsman HR and Organisational Design Thought Leader - AIHR


Dr. Dieter Veldsman is an organizational psychologist with a strong focus on Strategic HR, organisational Design, and Development. He has more than 15+ years of experience within HR and has held the positions of Group Chief Human Resource Officer, People Effectiveness Executive, and Principal Consultant. He has worked for various organisations across EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences and industry panels on HR, The Future of Work, Skills, and Organizational Development. He hosts a monthly podcast called HR Hot Topics that evaluates actual events and their implications on HR, as well as moderating “The HR Dialogues”, a videocast that interviews HR practitioners across the globe regarding leading practices. He guest lectures at various institutions and has contributed numerous peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and mainstream publications. He was awarded the Chief HR Officer of the Year Award by the CHRO SA Society in 2021, as well as received recognition in the categories of HR Leadership, Strategy, and Technology from various institutions. He was also awarded the Practitioner of the Year Award by the Society for Industrial Psychology South Africa for his contributions to the field in 2018. He is a One Young World Ambassador and also volunteers as part of a Think Tank focusing on  Mental Well-Being in Africa.

Currently, Dr. Dieter Veldsman forms part of the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) as an HR and OD Thought Leader working towards the continuous upskilling of 100 000 HR professionals by 2025. He is responsible for applied research, product development, and engagement with our member community which spans more than 15 000 students across 140 countries, and working with our clients to reposition their HR functions for the future.


Raymond Bonnici joined the APS Bank plc as Head of Human Capital in 2016 and was appointed to his present role in June 2020. He started his career working in aviation, including for KLM, Swissair and Sabena. Following this period, he worked at Premier Capital p.l.c. and was a key element in setting up the group’s Human Resources function.

Previous to joining APS Bank plc he worked for Hilton Hotels International, as Director of Human Resources for Malta.

Ray Bonnici
Ray BonniciChief People Officer - APS Bank plc