Unleashing L&D potential through strategy and technology

The pandemic effect on L&D is over. It is now a race for skills with skills-based organisations having a competitive edge. It’s definitely time to rethink our L&D strategies. There is no doubt about it – L&D feels under pressure. Learning technology is moving fast whilst budget and resources are shrinking too.  How do you design a learning operating model that is effective and drives business results whilst at the same time being cost-effective?  Is AI the solution to conquer these challenges?  These are the many questions that we will uncover during our session to help you propel your organisation forward and equip yourself for the ever-evolving L&D landscape.  


Pamela Mamo is a Director within PwC’s Academy Malta responsible for the overall management of the Academy, its business, and innovation strategies.   She has over the years established the Academy as a leading corporate training service provider in line with the national quality education standards and in line with digital education requirements for the 21st century.  She leads a team of learning specialists at PwC’s Hub, a dedicated training premises she has put her heart and soul in. An accountant by profession, Pamela moved on to leading the talent management case and the learning and development strategies and structures at PwC Malta. As a certified business analyst, she now dedicates her time engaging in understanding the learning culture within organisations to assist them in building an effective learning strategy enabled by a fit-for-purpose learning architecture aligned with their workforce and business strategy.

Pamela Mamo
Pamela MamoDirector PwC Academy