Unlocking the power of reskilling and upskilling to improve employee retention

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Survey 2023 reports that 53% of survey respondents list Skills Gap and Inability to attract talent, as key barriers to business transformation. In a world of constant and rapid transformation, fueled by increasing AI-driven developments, new skills requirements continue to emerge, while some existing skills are becoming obsolete. In Malta, this may be even more challenging, due to unique challenges that our island faces. Therefore successfully managing a cross-organisation shift in skills, looking at developing the skills within the organisation, empowering the workforce to remain relevant in today’s world, whilst retaining talent, is essential across all industries and sectors.

This workshop will discuss:

  • What businesses can do to address the challenges that organisations are facing around talent shortages
  • The significance of putting skills at the centre of the vision and strategy of an organisation
  • Building the case for change to unlock the power of skills


Ediana Guillaumier leads People Consulting and Learning for EY Malta. Ediana joined EY 19 years ago as part of the Strategy and Transactions team and worked through the ranks advising clients on business-related matters, particularly mergers & acquisitions, and transactions. It was through this role that she discovered her passion for people-related matters and now focuses entirely on People Consulting and Learning.

She is responsible for advising clients on workforce matters including the development of competency frameworks, training needs assessments, employee engagement, leadership development, and transformations. Ediana regularly develops and delivers training on transversal skills, including leadership and management programmes.

Ediana Guillaumier
Ediana GuillaumierPeople Consulting and Learning Lead, Ernst & Young (EY) Malta