When we learn, we grow… Discover how pedagogical principles can step-change people and business performance

Learning is the fast-track way to growing… as people and as businesses. But learning is hard! To step-change performance, we must first step out of our comfort zone.

Taking inspiration from education, the epicenter of learning, this interactive workshop-style talk walks you through the five pedagogical principles you can use to create impactful learning experiences that engage even the most doubtful learners so the new knowledge sticks.

Using ‘Creative Thinking’ as the topical focal point (identified by The World Economic Forum as the #1 skill needed for the future*), this workshop will not only illuminate the theory of pedagogy; but more importantly, will give you a live demonstration that shows you what a pedagogical learning experience looks like… and feels like.

Join this workshop if you want to demystify what pedagogical learning is and discover practical ways you can use the five principles to create impactful, engaging, and inclusive learning experiences that embrace the different ways different people learn.
*source: WEF Future of Jobs Report, 2023


Hanne Kristiansen spent the first half of her career working for global companies including United Biscuits, Diageo and latterly Kellogg’s where she was Head of European Innovation. She’s the founder of Creative Creatures, the company behind the Creative ID™ framework, and has since 2008 worked with the University of Sheffield to create a deep research-based understanding of people-led creativity in the corporate world. As a lifelong lover of learning, Hanne believes the first step to future-proofing your business, lies in igniting the curiosity and growth mindset of the people within it.

Hanne Kristiansen
Hanne KristiansenFounder, Creative ID™